Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Casa Corazon, Lemery, Batangas

Last weekend, I joined a workshop-planning for our club, the Rotary Club of Taguig Fort Bonifacio, March 31 to April 01. It was held at Casa Corazon, http://www.casacorazonresort.com/ in Lemery, Batangas. It is actually near the border with Calaca town. I brought my family, my clubmates also brought theirs.

The place has 3 swimming pools, one for adult and two for toddlers and children. The one for adult has a net cover, protection against noontime Sun. There is a huge light in the middle of the cover, so one can swim with lights even in the evening.

The owner of the resort is a collector of vintage motorbikes and cars. The collection of BMW motorcycles, the huge ones especially, is stunning. Our group photo here, upper left. Entrance to the museum + aviary is P250 per head.

They have the original motorcycle with sidecar and a machine gun, like the ones used during WW2 in Europe.  The vintage cars are mostly American cars, though there are also a few European cars like Benz.

Outside the motorbike and car museum is an open area with trees. A peaceful place to vist. Or maybe it was peaceful only because they did not have other guests last weekend outside our group.

There is also another resthouse on a hill overlooking Balayan Bay. I didn't realize that the Bay has several small islands until I saw them.

Thanks to our club past President Niel Antonio for these photos, posted in our club's facebook group.

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Jennifer Dollesin said...

Hi. Would you know if the Motorcycle Museum is open to public on Sundays? I cant find their contact number. Thanks in advance.