Sunday, November 16, 2014

The Link's Fresh Market, Hong Kong

Fresh food is among the foundations of good health of the people. The more fresh the food, the more nutritious it is. And it's good if fresh food is also more affordable to more people.

Last week, on our last day (November 08) in Hong Kong after attending the Economic Freedom Network (EFN) Asia Conference, November 6-7, 2014, a friend Simon Lee, organized a "fresh market tour" for interested EFN conference participants. It was a short, 1 1/2 hour tour.

Simon and his two staff, Lisa and Paul, brought us to Lok Fu fresh market in Kowloon.

It was not a supermarket inside a big mall. Rather, just an open space on the ground floor of a ahigh-rise HK government housing. As these two pictures show, the vegetables are fresh, they did not look like they came from a freezer, unsold items the previous day/s.

Upon arriving at the site, Simon turned over the briefing to  Myron, a sharp, articulate, bright man who is an officer of The Link, the owner and administrator of the Luk Fo fresh market.

Below, our team. Simon Lee standing on left most, Myron is 3rd from right, with a portable microphone. More should have joined but our departure from the hotel was delayed by almost one hour because the bus that would pick us from our hotel somehow went to another location.

Myron quickly started the briefing. His English is good and fluent. The place is very clean. No foul smell whatsoever, something that is familiar in public markets, non-mall supermarkets in the Philippines

This shop of dried food is cool. Neat and clean and only one person manages the whole store.

The fresh seafood  section. The floor is not wet, no mud or scattered fish body parts.
Crabs, seashells, other crustaceans. Some of those sea creatures I don't see in Philippine seafood markets. I would assume that some of these products are grown via aquaculture and not caught in the open sea.

Wow, those huge sea cucumber-looking creatures, I don't know their name. Although I am from a coastal city of Negros island in the Philippines and fishing is the main industry there, I don't see these products, nor in Manila's seafood markets.

This is cool. I don't know what it is though.

More live crabs and lobsters.

Prawns, shrimps, seashells, cool.

Karthik Chandra from India, a fellow conference participant, was also amazed at the sights of fresh seafood that greeted us that day.
Another friend, Lorenzo Montanari from the Americans for Tax Reforms (ATR) in Washington DC seemed awed by the variety of these live sea creatures sold at affordable prices.

Then we sat on this simple row of tables where Myron gave more discussions, and we asked more questions. Some food samples, tea and red wine were also served us. Yummy and  nice.

Then Myron bid ba-bye and Simon took over and continued the mini-lecture. Then we went to a nearby shopping mall, also owned by The Link. Then we headed back to the hotel in HK island.

Thanks again for that short but great tour, Simon, Lisa and Paul.

Thanks also to The Link's friendly staff, Myron, Kevin and Acky. Nick Sallnow-Smith, The Link Chairman, knows well how to choose his own people.

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Monday, November 03, 2014

Harbour Grand Hong Kong, Part 3

This is my second stay in this hotel. Last year, I stayed here for two days during a Reading Club Salon 2013  sponsored by the Lion Rock Institute (LRI). This year, I will stay here for 6D/5N starting today. I will attend three different seminars/conference, tomorrow until Friday, same hotel.

My room, nice and big. I should stay in an ordinary room for one person but my family will join me tomorrow. 

My working table on the right is long, nice. I must read two hard-copy books plus several reports and an e-book, related to the two seminar-worskhop in the next two days.

The bathroom with glass divider. I like this set up.

Seen from my room in the 15th floor. The IFC and other buildings on HK island, and Victoria Harbour. It was cloudy when I arrived today. When our plane landed at HK airport past 10am, the pilot said outside temperature was 21 C. Cold compared to Manila of course. It should be around 28-29 C in Manila around that time.

The swimming pool on the 3rd floor, seen from my room.

Last year, this was my room. Huge bed and a lean work table.

Ok, back to work. Have many papers to read and blog later.

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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Harbour Grand Hong Kong, Part 2

Next week, I will stay in this hotel for six days and five nights to attend three different events sponsored by three different independent, network organizations. I stayed in this hotel for 2 nights last year during the  Reading Club Salon 2013  sponsored by the Lion Rock Institute (LRI).

It is a five star hotel and its main attraction is that it is facing Victoria Harbour, but inside, it has many beautiful facilities. Below, elevator area near the lobby. That's our friend Barun Mitra from Delhi, India in the photo.

The famous long and spacious swimming pool facing the  Harbour. It's on the 3rd floor, adjacent to the main restaurant.

Buffet breakfast resto. Lots of food to  choose.

Our friend, Feng Xingyuan from Beijing, China.

I like this  chandelier outside this big resto.

The hallway leading to my room. I  don't remember which floor I stayed but it is overlooking the  Harbour.

 Some of the skyscrapers in Hong Kong island and part of Vicctoria Harbour, as seen from the resto.

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Elle Marie's Halloween Party and Bazaar at TSAA

The School of Academics and Arts (TSAA), Elle Marie's school, held a Halloween-Bazaar party last Friday, October 24. True to its name, the event's concept and design is very artistic and students-friendly. All photos here from my wife's camera and the school's fb page. I was not there, I was watching Bien Mary in their school presentation in another venue.

Elle with her four other girls classmates in Grade School, plus the school Directress, Ms. Cherry Fernandez-Napala.

The five girls once more. They have a playdate at Happy's house after the educational trip at a garden in Taytay, Rizal the previous week.

A dance number from the Grade Schoolers.

With Weng Sandicon, Happy's mom.

The bazaar, part of Entrepreneurship education of the students. They themselves made these products -- notebooks, bracelets, fun jars --  and sold these to their parents, grandparents, yayas, other guests. Nice.

Elle doing her part in one of the class presentations.

The younger ones, the Kinders, also showed their talents.

Thanks TSAA, especially Grade School Teachers Fran and LJ, for their good work.

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Bien's Halloween Party at Kids Playlab Preschool

Last Friday, October 24, Bien Mary attended her last activity at Kids Playlab Preschool (KPLP), a Halloween presentation + Trick or Treat party. This was held at St. Paul Hall in Barangay San Antonio, Makati, not far from our house.

She started sad and not in the mood when we arrived at the venue that morning. This is because her Mama could not join her because my wife has to attend and watch Elle Marie's presentation in her school at TSAA, same Halloween party on same day and same time, different school.

I was tickling her and it did not change her mood. One reason perhaps was her best friend Allyson was not there.

When they went up stage for the overall intro dance, she was still sad.

When their class' turn to dance on stage, luckily she was following her teacher's dance moves. Good dance, Bien.

A closing dance by all students, nursery and kinder, morning and afternoon classes.

What greatly changed her mood to being jolly was the trick or treat. She and all the other kids got so many candies, biscuit, sandwich, other food/toys in one loot bag. Poor me, I was not able to contribute to the distribution of goodies, only the assigned food to bring. We brought donut from Country Style. Here, Bien was very happy trying to carry her heavy loot bag. She was saying, "Papa it's heavy. I have so many candies" while smiling.

Bien with her substitute teacher that week as Teacher Kyla was doing something else at school.

With her second best friend, Julia. Bien was still looking for her best friend Allyson.

It's a pot luck party and there were so many food. Bien ate spaghetti and pizza.

Bien will change school next month, 2nd sem and join her Ate Elle Marie at TSAA. Bien will be in Kinder 1.

Thank you KPLP. Bien enjoyed her schooling with you.

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