Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Miesbach, Germany

November 2008

The Beil family -- Christian, his Filipina wife Astrid, and their 2 sons -- was very warm to me. Christian and his eldest son, Simon, met me at Munich central station. I came from Gummersbach, then Cologne that morning. The Inter City Express (ICE) train that I took from Mannheim to Munich (via Stuttgart, Olm, etc.) was very spacious and comfortable.

Astrid works full time in the house -- most household chores, taking care of 2 young boys. She grew up in the Philippines having a yaya/nanny, a house maid, and did not worry about cleaning the house, do the laundry, cook, etc. In Germany, she had to do everything, she was laughing while narrating those things to me.

Miesbach is a small town, but it is attracting plenty of migrants from Munich and other big cities. The beauty of Miesbach is that it is near the Bavarian Alps and the mountains and lakes nearby, it has a thriving commercial area, and it is just 50 kms from Munich. So that technically, it is between a big city (Munich) and big mountains (the Alps).

This was my 2nd visit to Miesbach, the first was in October 2003. So long as I have another opportunity to visit Germany again, and the Beils are still there, I will always go back to see and visit that beautiful town and its surrounding lakes, mountains, and the warm and friendly family.

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