Monday, October 26, 2015

Thailand's bright nights

When I went to Bangkok last October 14-15 this year for a workshop-seminar, my plane landed at midnight. I saw the huge, wide, extensive well-lighted areas of Thailand, even hundreds of kms. away from Bangkok proper. Very very few dark areas. They must have cheap and stable power sources.

This photo I got from the web, that's in Bangkok already. Even outside Bangkok, there are just too many lights, they do not economize on energy as electricity prices I think are cheap and affordable.

Compared to Metro Manila at night, Bangkok and its suburbs are much much brighter.

Thailand heavily relies on natural gas, 68% of their total energy needs as of 2011. Other ASEAN countries that are heavily dependent on natural gas, a fossil fuel are: Singapore 78%, Malaysia 45%, Vietnam 44%. PH only 30% dependent on nat gas.

Suvarnabhumi International Airport and terminals near Bangkok is also very bright. It is not as big as the airports of Singapore or Hong Kong or Incheon-Seoul, but if compared with Manila/NAIA international airports (composed of four separate and non-contiguous local and international airports).

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