Tuesday, October 27, 2015

TSAA Entrep Day, Part 1

Entrepreneurship is a skill, a virtue that cannot be possessed by anyone. It can be innate, or it can be taught, with lots of failures and heartaches in between, before one can finally succeed, or finally close shop. So teaching the skill at a young age is a good educational pursuit.

Last Friday, October 23, The School for Academics and Arts held its "Entrep Day" for its students from Nursery to Grades 3-4. It was also a dance and cultural show for the UN anniversary, so young students were in some international costumes and dance. Below, the Nursery students in Mexican/Latino attire and dance. Cute young kids.

The Kinder 1 students were in African/Safari attire, and juggled at a famous African dance. Another batch of cute kids.

Kinder 2 kids, in Indian-Arabic attire and dance. The costumes alone make these kids so adoring. Below, my daughter Bien Mary behind Kyle.

They are only six in the class, all present. From left: Miggy, Kyle, Agatha, Bien, Pollux. Hidden behind Bien is Zac.

The Grades 1-2 kids, in Filipiniana dance and costume. Lights were off except the spotlight, candles were lit, and they swayed. Nice contrast and moves.

They cannot fit in the stage, so the boys on the stage, the girls below. After the dance, and the lights were on again.

Before the dance. Such beautiful girls.

Finally, the Grades 3-4. In another Filipiniana dance and costume. The five girls. From left: Akisha, Elle Marie (Bien's older sister), Happy, Minday and Ysa.

And the two boys in their macho attire, Joseph and Mark.

A small class, but intimate and fun.

Thanks TSAA for another wonderful day. Thanks Teacher/Directress Cherry and all the teachers from Nursery to Grade school. It was a greeeaat treat for us parents.
Part 2 will be the bazaar and entrep scenes.
All photos above from Audie Gemora's fb album. Thanks Audie.

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