Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Lingayen, Pangasinan

Lingayen is the capital of Pangasinan province, previously the most populous province in Luzon. Now it's second to Bulacan as the latter takes in more and more migrants from many parts of the country.

Among the interesting spots to see in this municipality are the following:

1) Tree-lined boulevard, from the main road to the provincial capitol, nearly 1 km. long. The cemented center island has been replaced with bricks, so the scenery is now more beautiful.

2) Provincial capitol, newly painted. The structure is huge and tall, built many decades ago. In front of the capitol is open parking, as well as open grass. Beside the capitol is the "Urduja house", which is the official residence of the provincial governor.

3) Lingayen beach, clean, fine dark sand. There's an open space with no huts and cottages fronting the sea, behind the provincial capitol, this is about 400 meters long. On both ends of this open space, there are private cottages and huts for rent.

4) Lingayen Gulf memorial, with a pavilion showing a photo exhibit of "Lingayen landings" during WW2 when Gen. Macarthur and batallions upon batallions of new American forces landed to pursue the retreating Japanese forces. There are also old tanks, old fighter planes, and anti-plane guns on display in an open space in front of the pavilion.

5) Lingayen airport, old and not modern, can take in only small private planes. Interestingly, the runway is between a small public cemetery and the sea. Pretty much like The Police's song, "Wrapped around your finger". A portion of the song goes this way, "devil and the deep blue sea behind me..."

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