Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Mt. Pinatubo Climb, February 2006

Eight years ago, I climbed Mt. Pinatubo for the second time, along with the friends and former officemates of my wife at De La Salle Univ. (DLSU) ITC. We boarded the midnight bus at Pasay, got off at Capas, Tarlac, rented a jeepney towards the jump off area, I think Camp O'Donnel, Tarlac.

Some of us wanted to walk, but we were advised that walking at such a far distance is not advisable, the heat is terrible. So we rented the 4x4 jeeps there. We have a contact guy before coming of course, forgot his name now, as well as the rate.

All photos from Kitt Santos, in brown shirt, below. Kitt is also a ninong or godfather of our elder daughter, Elle Marie.

We hired four or five jeeps total, 5-6 passengers per jeep.

The backpacks are in the jeeps, group photo before taking the 4x4 ride, yuhooo.

The ride was fantastic. The jeeps were fast in the off-trail, their huge tires could manage well desert-like condition. Some parts, the jeeps must cross creeks, hurdle medium-size rocks.

After a certain area, the jeeps must stop. Their tires could no longer tackle the huge rocks, even boulders. We got off, put on the backpacks, and the climb by foot started. Below, some portions after a narrow area.

Mixture of bare soil and thin vegetation at the top.

 At the crater viewpoint.... nice, awesome, beautiful crater lake.

Swimming time. The beach and the shallow part of the lake.

The water was very clear, like a well-maintained swimming pool.

Others did not swim immediately and roamed around.

Preparing for dinner.

 Socials after dinner. It was cold :-)

All girls tent.

Preparing for breakfast.

Group photo after breakfast.

Backpacks ready, before going down.

All ladies crew.

Next: more photos of the mountain-volcano.

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