Saturday, February 18, 2017

Vivere Hotel, Alabang, Muntinlupa City

I have been to Vivere Hotel in Alabang, Muntinlupa City twice to attend two big conferences sponsored by the Rotary Club of Muntinlupa North + PCCI Muntinlupa + Muntinlupa City government. The first was a forum on ASEAN economic integration last year, the second was last February 02 during the forum on Federalism. They have a nice, colorful grand ballroom on the 2nd floor, the two events were held there.

This photo at the ballroom was during the Federalism forum. I was not a speaker but I made the synthesis of the presentations and arguments by the five speakers. To my right are 3 of the 5 speakers and to my left is Elvie Sanchez-Quiazon, President of the Rotary Club and PCCI-Muntinlupa, also the hotel's General Manager. See also my article in BusinessWorld, "Should we go federal or not?" where I mentioned the forum.

Aside from the Certificate of Appreciation, there was a gift for all resource speakers, the forum moderator and the synthesis speaker (me) -- a gift certificate (GC) for an overnight stay at the hotel, executive suite. A suite! I was very happy and thankful of Elvie.

I thought a one night stay in a suite would be "bitin", my family especially my two girls would crave for more, so I reserved a two nights stay, will pay the 1st night, use the GC on the 2nd night. Elvie gave me a modest discount for the 1st night, cool.

So we are staying at the hotel, Friday to Sunday (tomorrow). Our room with tv, and sala with tv....


My work area (I have two short papers to finish this weekend, "staycation" for me) with a small bed behind, and a view from the sala and room -- the neighbor hotel, Festival Mall, other buildings and houses towards the Laguna Lake.

The elevators and our door on the 23rd floor.

Good view on the hallways, the rooms are on four sides and there is an open space in the middle. Looking down from the 23rd floor, and looking up from the 8th floor. There are nets every 5 or 6 floors, which are good in case there are some suicidal guests...


On the 8th floor are the playroom for kids, and jacuzzi. The playroom, my two girls used it for a few minutes.


The jacuzzi, very nice. There is tv while dipping in the hot water. There is shower inside, and a small sala.


The elevator has mirror on all four sides. And outside the elevator on the 31st floor.

The swimming pool on the 4th floor. Around 10am today, we dipped at the pool, the water was very cold, I got out of the water after a few minutes. But the two girls enjoyed the water.


An art work with a mirror behind, hallway of the pool.


Enough for now. Part 2 will be about The Nest, rooftop resto and bar, and the structures around the hotel. I like this hotel, recommending this to my friends and blog readers.

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