Friday, May 31, 2013

Haevichi Hotel&Resort, Jeju

This is my first time to set foot on the beautiful island of Jeju, S. Korea. Our conference, the 8th Jeju Forum for Peace and Prosperity, was held in this big and sprawling hotel.

The hotel is a rectangular building with wide open space in the middle of the four wings with a glass roof. I will post about the interiors of the hotel and resort in my next blog.

The second group of structure are the medium-rise (7-storey) and long buildings with huge rooms per unit. Below are those resort buildings.

A view from the balcony of my room on the 5th floor, I am staying at Rm 1513. Nice, cool view. Tomorrow morning, bye-bye room, I will check out to join a half day tour of selected scenic places of Jeju.

Continuation of the view from my balcony. A wide open grassland with cemented walkway, with short posts for evening lights + music, cool. There is a semi-wild area in the middle of the grassland where some wild species of flowers and short grasses are growing around a pond with naturally flowing water.

The swimming pool with a fountain in the middle. I did not have the chance to dip into this pool as time is limited, attending various panel discussions. Plus the fact that it's cold outside, should be around 20-25 C.

The glass structure below is a hallway adjacent to the grand ballroom. When there are hundreds of guests, the divider is folded and the dining tables are extended up to the hallway.

The kiddie playground with kiddie pool. If my two young girls are with me here, they might get sick as they might insist to take a bath in the cold but inviting pool.

After the bermuda grass in the resort is the road, then the black rocks and the sea. I should visit that place tomorrow before I fly to Jeju airport.

A view of the plains and the big mountain from afar, at the 5th floor of the resort building on the opposite side of my room.

I enjoyed my stay here. Very relaxing. Thanks again, EFN Asia and FNF for bringing me here for the conference.

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