Friday, April 08, 2016

Paro airport, Bhutan

After a cancelled  flight from Bangkok to Bhutan last November 22, 2015, our flight resumed the next day,  November 23. We went to Bhutan to attend the Economic Freedom Network (EFN) Asia Conference 2015. This is Bhutan International Airport in Paro, another province about 1 hour by car  from Thimphu, the capital.

Just a medium-size building in traditional Bhutan architecture.

These 3 photos I got from the web. The airport and the runway is surrounded by mountains on all sides -- front, back, left and right of the runway. Bhutan being mountainous, the valley in Paro seems to be the widest flatland area in that country, that's why the airport was built there.

Before the plane reaches the runway, it has to  negotiate huge mountains and fly in  between some of them so that when it reaches the runway, it's already on a low altitude so that it can brake faster and not reach the end of the runway that is facing another small mountain.

Just huge and  wide mountains. Many are fully vegetated, others have only grasses. These mountains could be almost solid rocks, little top soil to support trees.

Some lowland areas are used for agriculture and residential purposes. Some deforestation should be due to harvesting of wood for houses and furnitures.

An example of a mostly rocky mountain.

Lots of rivers in between mountains. This long and winding road could be the road connecting Paro and Thimphu, running along a river.

The plane has passed the taller mountains, negotiating a descend towards the valley. A temple and few houses on  the right.

A small farming village near the airport.

These structures look like a school. Across the river is the runway.

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