Wednesday, April 01, 2009

San Francisco, April 2008

Another friend from my university days, Kris Asinas-Cabrera, who then lived in Roseville, CA, visited me at Monchit's house in San Ramon. Kris's hubby, Harold, took a leave from his work for 1 day and the couple would tour me around SF City. I will have the chance to have a picture at the Golden Gate Bridge!

San Francisco is a sprawling city but not too many skyscrapers, unlike in Chicago, Atlanta and NY. Harold drove us to a hill where there is a good view of the city center, it was nice looking around. It was an almost cloudless and sunny day but chilly and windy.

The bridge is huge and long, a few kilometers long. From the city proper, you cross the bridge, there is a viewing deck with ample parking space at the other side. This is where tourists stop to have a picture of the bridge in the background. There are also souvenir shops and food shops in this viewing deck.

Harold’s car has a global positioning system (GPS). It was my first time to ride in a car with a GPS with audio. I was amazed at the technology: you just indicate where exactly you are going (house number, street and city) and the GPS will guide the driver whether it’s 5 or 500 kilometers away. It guides the driver whether to turn left or right or go straight in an intersection, which road or highway to take where there is less traffic, it tells the driver if he’s just 10 meters away from his destination, and if he has reached his destination, right in front of the house or office of his destination!

I was very thankful of Kris and Harold for that whole day tour.

I will see them again late this month in their new house in Rocklin, CA.

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i've never been anywhere outside philippines..but someday, i wish to be there too...