Saturday, May 21, 2011

Atlanta Airport

Exactly a year ago today, I was in Atlanta Airport, on my way from Detroit to Houston via Delta Air. Perhaps there was no direct flight between those 2 cities, but there were plenty of flights between Detroit-Atlanta, and Atlanta-Houston.

It was my 2nd time actually to land in Atlanta Airport. The first was in April 2008 when I attended the Atlas Liberty Forum held in that city.

This is a big airport, judging from the big number of people and passengers who are inside the various terminals....

And from the big number of airplanes that land and take off in this airport. See here, there were probably 8-10 airplanes behind us on queue for take off, mostly Delta Air planes. The other airport I saw then with a big number of airplanes on queue whether for landing or take-off was La Guardia airport in NY.

I think there are 7 or 8 terminals parallel to each other. One can go from one terminal to the next via walking and walkalators, or via the underground airport train. This walkalator is almost empty, not because there are not enough passengers between these two terminals, but people are using the train. It's free, to move from one terminal to the other.

The doors in front of a train station under the terminals and runways.

One thing I notice in Atlanta is that almost all staff at the airport -- ground crew, personnel in various food shops, bookshops and souvenir shops inside the airport -- are blacks. I think there were some whites too but I hardly saw them. Atlanta is where Martin Luther King came from.

The underground train. No train pilot, it's operated from a control room from afar.

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