Thursday, June 02, 2011

Houston Hobby Airport, Texas

Last May 2010, I first set foot in Texas, in Houston, to visit two former officemates when I was still working in Philippine Congress in the 90s. It was the last leg of my US trip then (Chicago-Detroit-Houston), the last 2 cities were tours after my conference in Chicago. I have Filipino friends in those cities who would pick me up from the airport and bring me back there, host in their house and tour in their cities for free, why not grab the opportunity.

Houston from the air is wide and expansive. It has two airports, I landed at Hobby airport.

Houston is the home of NASA's space program then, I think until now. Thus, the airport terminal has exhibits and decorations of rocket ships, space shuttles, astronauts, and related stuff.

Like this one, photo exhibit of the international space station. I don't know if such exhibit is permanent or being changed from time to time.

This looks like the "feet" of those space shuttles landing in the moon or something. Sorry, I didn't ask around what it was.

This airport's arrival and departure areas are mixed on the same floor. I think it's the same for many other airports in the US. So people enter or exit on those gates. Unlike in many big Asian airports, all arrivals are on the ground or lower floor, and all departures are on the 2nd or higher floor.

Departure lounge. Passengers waiting for their flight out of the airport.

Nothing so important here. It just caught my attention, DVD rentals for $1 each, a mobile phone charging station for a fee. Cute.

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