Friday, August 17, 2012

Kimberly Clarke, Tagaytay

These pictures I took last July 21, 2010. Nope, I did not stay in this hotel, I attended one meeting by the DOH Advisory Council meeting that day. Since it was my first time to see that hotel, I went there.

It's beautiful. It's not most of those hotels in Tagaytay fronting Taal Lake though. Perhaps about two kilometers from the highway with overlooking view of the lake.

Spacious lobby, cool. Since this is Tagaytay, no need for an aircon in the lobby, the wind is cool enough outside and inside the hotel lobby.

Nice swimming pool too. But on a July, rainy season, few would bother to dip into the pool, Perhaps at noontime.

And nice, wide children's playground farther out. I remember they were expanding the adjoining areas of the playground.

That was two years ago. Perhaps this area is a lot wider now. Have not gone back to the place since then.

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