Sunday, August 19, 2012

Radisson Narita Hotel, Part 2

Nope, I did not go to Radisson Narita twice. I went there only once for an overnight stay last May 25, 2010. See my earlier posting, why I and other Delta Airline passengers stayed there that night, Radisson hotel, Narita,

Rather, I am posting here some photos which I did not include in the earlier posting. Some photos though were reposted here. Below, the hotel lobby, the big restaurant adjacent to the lobby.

Nice ceiling design. Although we arrived at the hotel late that evening, and we have to wake up early the next day to resume our Tokyo-Manila flight, it was nice to roam around the hotel. Lower left photo, the elevator's ceiling. It looks weird but imaginative.

Ahh, the most important of all, my bed. Really nice. And my work table, with free fast internet connection. The toilet is high tech, Push button to wipe your a__, can choose cold or warm water to sprinkle and clean it.

 The lawn outside the lobby, cool. Lower photo, that's the view outside my room.  I think those were greenhouse or hydroponic farms.

Japan is nice and very clean. But everything is expensive. Lucky that we paid nothing for that overnight stay with buffet breakfast, and free airport-hotel-airport transfer. One of those things why being stuck in a foreign land because your airplane has suffered some mechanical troubles and cannot fly can be a blessing.

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