Monday, August 27, 2012

Club Manila East, Taytay, Rizal

Yesterday, my family went to Club Manila East (CME) in Taytay, Rizal province. It was a Sunday, our travel time was less than an hour, Makati to C5 to Cainta to Taytay. It was a nice place. Entrance fee is P375 for adults and children, babies free entrance.

This is the view from the top of the winding slide. The cordoned area on the right is where one will splash from the slide.

The main attraction of CME is this -- the kiddie pool. It's wide, lots of water fountains, deepest part is probably only 1 1/2 feet. There's an artificial waterfalls, and a small, short slide for toddlers and children. My two young girls enjoyed this part a lot.

Lower photos are the trees, shaded area in front of this kiddie pool. Going towards the slide and swimming pool for adults.

The covered or shaded pool for adults. Lower photos, the lower tower where the zip line ends. I don't know how much is the fee for the zip ride, I did not try it.

View from the kayak area, it's wide. Kayak ride is free, it's part of the entrance fee.

The main attraction for adults in CME are these artificial waves area. They have two or three. The waves are huge, they offer surfing lessons. I heard it's P1,500 for the lectures plus two hours actual ride on the waves.

Lower photos, left side of this huge wave area, there is another artificial water falls. Right side is purely for surfing students. See the note. 

Additional photos. Upper right is where my two girls enjoyed the waves in the morning. In the afternoon, this place is closed and CME turned on the waves in the second, much larger wave area.

Lower photos, the four-storey cubicles for day time guests, and the higher tower where the zip ride starts.

I will post photos of my two girls and wife in my next blog entry.

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