Thursday, April 18, 2013

Taiwan 3: Chiang Kai Shek Garden

First and only time that I visited Taiwan was in November 2011, to attend the Conference of Generic Drugs Asia (CGDA). My previous blog posts about Taiwan were:

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After the conference, one of the top organizers of the conference, Joseph Wang, toured four of us – fellow Filipinos Leonie Ocampo of PPhA, Nancy Tacandong of FDA, myself, and Dr. Nam from S. Korea. Among the places we visited was the Chiang Kai Shek Garden.

The flowers are well-arranged in small iron wires, the stem of the flowers may be dipped in a wet object to make them stay fresh. I don't know how often they replace the flowers.

These flowers are planted on the soil, so no more wires attached to them.

From left: Joseph Wang, Dr. Nam, Nancy and Leonie.

Thank you very much Joseph, for that wonderful tour.

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