Friday, May 31, 2013

Gimpo Airport, S. Korea

This is the 4th time that I set foot on Seoul and South Korea. The first was in 1996 for a two-weeks seminar on Technology and Policy, I was working at the House of Representatives (PH) then. I remember I landed in Gimpo airport from Manila. When I went back to S. Korea in 2002, we landed at Incheon airport. My third trip to Korea was in October 2006.

From Manila, I landed at Incheon again last Tuesday. Last Wednesday, going to Jeju, we flew Korean Air at Gimpo. So this is my second time to see Gimpo. It looks small of course, compared to Incheon. But compared to Manila's Terminals 1 or 2 or 3, Gimpo is bigger than them.

I was surprised to see that despite the use of Incheon as the main airport, Gimpo remains busy with lots of airlines and passengers.

Based on the number of check-in counters, Korean Air (KE) is the biggest airline-user of Gimpo. When we boarded our KE flight to Jeju, we took a KE bus from the terminal to the plane, meaning all the departure/arrival gates and tubes were full.

These photos I got from the web. I did not see the train inside Gimpo area. We took a cab from Seoul city proper to Gimpo.

Flying back to Manila tomorrow afternoon, I will fly from Jeju direct to Incheon, then from Incheon to Manila.

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