Sunday, June 10, 2012

Kitzsteinhorn Ski Resort, Austria

In early November 2008, my German friend Christian Beil and his family, hosted me for the second time in his house in Miesbach, Bavaria, Germany. The first time was in October 2003, when I came from Sweden, then Netherlands, to Germany.

In my second visit, Christian brought me to a glacier in Austria. I have never been to a glacier before, so I was super-super excited for that trip. Here, the base of the ski resort, just outside the parking area. We were going to a place that is more than 3 kilometers above sea level in elevation. Mt. Apo, the highest mountain in the Philippines, is about 2.9 kilometers high above sea level.

To reach our destination, we have to ride 3 different lines of cable cars. Below, views on the first of 3 cable car rides to the top.

I can't remember now if this is the 1st or 2nd of those 3 cable car rides. Austrian technology in cable cars I heard, is among the best around the world.

A ski shop after the 2nd cable car ride, going to the 3rd and final ride.

And we were climbing higher and higher...

Photos before reaching the summit -- via cable car, not by foot :-)

More photos while inside those cable cars, going up.

Finally, the main structure of the ski resort, I was super-super happy to reach that place then. At. 3,029 meters above sea level. I told Christian that I felt like hungry or tired or dizzy or what, at the top. So I ate and rested for a while. I only realized later that it was sort of an "altitude sickness". At more than 3 kilometers above sea level, oxygen level is low, the heart has to palpitate more, that's why.

It took me about 20 minutes of rest at the top, before I got used to the new environment. Ahh, the chance to walk outside, step on those ice in a glacier -- priceless for someone coming from the tropics.

Stepping on a glacier, one of my most memorable trips last decade.

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