Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Somerset Palace Seoul

There are about two Somerset hotels in Makati but I have never been to any of their rooms,  just visited their lobby. Today is my time to see a room, my room here in my one night stay in Seoul.

Somerset is in Jungno-Gu ("Gu" means district) in Seoul city proper. These photos I got from the web. Nice and modest lobby with young, efficient and friendly staff at the reception.

One problem is that my flight from Manila was at 1:15am today, delayed a bit and we flew around 1:45am. Seoul city proper is about one hour by car from Incheon international airport. Arrived at tbe hotel around 8am, but was able to check in only around 2pm. They seem to be fully booked with lots of guests.

The lobby, not so grand but spacious enough.

This is my room, a big one, nice. With a queen size bed plus an extra bed. If only my two girls and wife are here (but the plane fare + taxes are expensive, beyond our means).

The small dining table beside a big LG flat tv. The small kitchen has a nice, small electric stove, microwave oven, knives and utensils. The ref i s tall and huge. Beside the door is the laundry area, ironing table, etc.

The CR. Neat and clean, but the seat bowl is traditional type, no push buttons to clean the behind with warm or ordinary water, rotating water, that I saw in my hotel in Seoul in 2006, also at my hotel in Narita, Japan. Nonetheless it's neat and clean.

The view from my room, I'm on the 6th floor.

The garden between the hotel and that building I showed above, view from the 2nd floor, breakfast restaurant area.

Will check the There is no swimming pool. other facilities tomorrow. Meanwhile, preparing for a meeting + dinner tonight, in another place just walking distance from Somerset.

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