Friday, October 18, 2013

Harbour Grand Hong Kong

Here in Hong Kong, arrived today to attend the Reading Club Salon 2013  tomorrow, sponsored by the Lion Rock Institute. Venue is Harbour Grand Hong Kong in North Point, Hong Kong island. It's a big hotel, huge, wide and minimalist lobby. Few chairs or sofas in the lobby, no table. So upon entry at the lobby, guests are met with this spacious lobby, cool. This photo is from the hotel website.

I stay on the 17th floor, and this is my room, nice, comfy and inviting for resting and sleep, argh. If my family joined me here, my two girls would love this room..

Whenever I attend seminars and conferences abroad, my work time aside from attending the seminar/conference proper is about the same as my sleep time. So I always cherish a comfortable and spacious work area. Here, the table is not wide but is fine with me. My table lamp is cool too.

What I like most, rather unique, is the transparent glass separating the CR and the bedroom. Here, view of the CR from my bed.

And view of my bed, work area, from the CR. I like this idea of transparent, clear glass separating the two, really nice.

View from my room, Causeway bay. Below, they are building another skyway.

Another view fom my room, mostly old buildings but new, flashy ones are sprouting up.

A new building will soon rise right beside this hotel. Digging machines, cranes, trucks and other heavy equipment are working here.

This afternoon, I heard a knock on my door. When I checked, it was the hotel staff, asking me if I want to make up my room, I said no, then she pointed at one switch which signified outside the "please make up room". The culprit? These two switches below the air-con control switch. I clicked open the "room make up" switch, argh! I apologized to the lady, she understood, smiled and quietly left.

I like this hotel. Will post part 2 later.

While I am in Hong Kong, my wife and our two young girls are in Bangkok. They will stay at my wife friend's condo. When I go to Bangkok on Sunday, they will join me in my hotel.

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