Sunday, October 20, 2013

Harbour Plaza Resort City, Hong Kong

November last year, I stayed in this hotel for 3 nights, when I attended the Lion Rock Institute's Reading Club Salon 2013. The hotel is on the Northern Territories, near the mainland China border and thus, is far from the main Hong Kong and Kowloon islands. It's a twin tower hotel, connected to a mall at the back.

Its swimming pool is huge and beautiful. The hotel website features the swimming pool. There are also kiddie playground on the same level of the pool, both at the 3rd or 5th floor.

The area is newly developed. Thus, all the buildings look new. A view from my hotel room. I don't remember what floor I stayed.

Another view from my hotel room. All flashy new condo buildings.

A park between the two towers of the hotel, and in front of the mall. This is a few meters from a train station. There is a pedestrian tunnel under this park and the road where people can cross to the other side of the road. Again, seen from my room.

Further at the back of the hotel is an open area, then a forested area.

I took this not from my room, but near the elevator area, same floor as my room's. All new buildings.

Thanks again to the LRI for that activity last year, I set foot in this part of Hong Kong. I am writing this at my hotel room in Harbour Grand Hong Kong. Will check out shortly to go to the airport, fly to Bangkok for the EFN Asia conference.

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