Saturday, August 20, 2011

Iloilo Airport

My wife is from Iloilo, and we go there to visit my in laws once or twice a year. The new airport is about 20 kms. away from Iloilo City proper, passing by 2 or 3 municipalities. The far distance is compensated by a good and modern airport, glass and steel structure. There is also a big space for future expansion like building a new terminal or extending the runway. I believe that this airport will soon become international, flying passengers to and from Hong Kong, Singapore, Seoul and other Asian cities with big volume of trade and tourism with the Philippines.

This is the old Iloilo Airport in the city. I took this picture two years ago. So it must be dilapidated by now, if not yet demolished. Beside this old airport is a big SM mall, and many houses around it. There is little space for expansion.

The entrance/exit area. On the right side are for greeters and senders.

It is also well-lighted at night time. There is also a big parking space in front, but the parking rates are higher than what the big and modern malls in Manila would charge.

The passenger departure lounge. A few food shops on the left, boarding gates on the right. Sometimes (or often?) the toilet is dirty though. It's something that the airport administration should always remember, to have clean toilets. Passengers pay P200 as "terminal fee", similar to the fee in domestic terminals in Manila, even if they just stay at the departure lounge for just an hour or less. To have a clean, non-foul-smelling toilet is a must.

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