Tuesday, June 03, 2014

Veloso Ancestral House, Baguio City

Last May 16-18, 2014, I brought my family to Baguio City. We stayed at the house of a friend from Congress Mountaineers, Uly Veloso. It's called an "ancestral house" because they inherited it from Uly's grandparents (or even one generation earlier) and Uly has a child now, the 4th or 5th generation in the family. It's an old but beautiful house with a nice and beautiful location.

It's on Aurora Hill, has a good view of portions of Baguio City proper.

The road below the front yard.

Uly's mother, Eunice Veloso, is the only one living there. She's a nice, warm and friendly lady. I met her last January this year after our group, Congress Mountaineers, descended from Mt. Pulag. We stayed overnight at Uly's house for a belated fellowship as we did not have the chance to have even a modest party in Mt. Pulag. It was freezingly cold.

It was my wife's birthday too, on our 3rd and last day in Baguio. These two photos taken before we left the house and descended back to Manila. The two girls enjoyed briefly playing with their Lola Eunice.

These photos are from Uly, posted in fb.

Closer view of the house.

Super thanks again, Ma'am Eunice, Uly, for the hospitality.

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