Sunday, June 29, 2014

Elle and Bien at Camp John Hay, Baguio City

Last May 16-18, 2014, I brought my family to Baguio City, a famous mountain city (average elevation about 4,500 feet above sea level). We stayed at a friend's ancestral house, see Veloso Ancestral House, Baguio City.  Camp John Hay, a former American military R&R area, is the most beautiful resort to visit. It is big, open to the public for free.

The two girls naturally insisted that they ride a horse. It's P250 per horse for 30 minutes ride. There are guides who rein the horse so they won't run.

John Hay is famous for its big and wide forested area. So many pine trees, fresh air. The two girls enjoyed their ride of course.

A pathway for the horses and visitors.

Bien Mary imagined that she is Rafunzel in one of the Barbie movies.

While Elle Marie imagined that she is another pony-riding cartoon character.

I walked along with the girls, following them and taking their photos. It's nice taking this path.

Nice, cool John Hay.

The girls said they want to go back there again. Sure, in another long weekend  or summer vacation.

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