Monday, December 12, 2016

Marriott Hotels: NY Marquis, Magnificent Mile Chicago, and Manila

The first Marriott Hotel that I have stayed was the Marriott New York Marquis, right at the Times Square. I attended the 2nd International Conference on Climate Change (ICCC) in early March 2009, sponsored by the Heartland Institute.

The hotel name is small compared with the ads above it.

It's one of those tall buildings around Time Square.

My bed then, deluxe room, nice.

Elevators are like small glass tubes. I remember that there is a small tv screen inside the elevator, it gives the latest updates in US and global news, weather, exchange rates, stockmarkets, etc. Info loading while inside the elevator. Overall, I liked my stay there, about 4D/3N.

This photo is from the Marriott website, not from my old camera phone then.

The second Marriott Hotel that I stayed was Marriott Magnificent Mile Chicago, May 2010. I attended the 4th ICCC, also sponsored by Heartland Institute.

Below, hotel lobby. There are days and hours that the lobby is full of people, there's a bar and people can chat, eat and drink.

Outside the hotel was a Harley Davidson shop.

Michigan avenue, view from my room then. It was a Sunday, I remember when I checked in at the hotel, and I was a bit surprised to see traffic congestion even on a Sunday.

Marriott Manila Hotel near NAIA terminal 3. No, I have not stayed there, I attended a Rotary fellowship with our then District Governor Butch Francisco and my classmates, fellow Club Presidents in the District.

Photos I took on December 2013.

Stairway to the 2nd floor.

Connecting corridor to a casino area at Resorts World.

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