Sunday, December 18, 2016

Astoria Palawan

My family went to Astoria Palawan in late October 2015. It is about 50 kms. from the capital Puerto Princesa City proper. Spacious, with a river source upstream.

Its most famous attraction at that time was its swimming pool. With plenty of fountains, partly submerged seats, and multi-colored underwater lights at night, really nice. The girl swimming in this photo, that was Elle Marie, my older daughter.

Kayaks, lifevests available in the nearby beach. But the seawater level is generally shallow, not good for swimming except perhaps when the tide is really high.

A floating walkway.

Volleyball, strolling, biking area.

The other pools, slides were still under construction that time.

Wide dining area.

The rooms and cottages. Our room was on the left side with some towels outside.

Our two girls riding the e-kart.

I tried this bike with huge tires, fun.

Our deluxe room, really wide and spacious.

Needless to say, we enjoyed our stay there. The two girls especially.

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