Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Mumbai Airport, India

First time that I set foot in India was last Thursday, February 09, Mumbai airport. My flight was Manila-Bangkok (PAL, about 3:10 hours) and Bangkok-Mumbai (Jet Airways, 4+ hours). Conference at The Leela Mumbai February 10-11, then I flew back to Manila February 12.

Huge, modern building. Not as big as the airports of Thailand or Singapore or Malaysia or HK or S. Korea but it's big and modern enough. There are many flights too.

The ceiling, check in area.

Our departure, Mum-Bkk was at Gate 75. Walk to the end of this hall...

Go further via an escalator.

But there is no free internet. There are wide screen computers near the departure lounges, I don't know how much is the fee per hour.

Plenty of shops inside the terminal too.

I like these ceiling decorations that host the bulbs.

Our plane to Bangkok was a medium-size plane, a B-737 perhaps. We were already inside the plane but for about half-hour, the plane would not move out of the tube, later the pilot announced that we have to deplane because they have to fix one engine.

So we got out of the plane but instead of walking back to the tube towards the departure lounge, we went through the arrival area, we were issued another boarding pass, went through another security check, escalator up to the departure area, walked back to Gate 75, we were given free lunch at Indiana cafe, short rest and we boarded again the same plane.

Right side of the terminal in this photo is the airport entrance. Airport security is rather strict. Passengers go through an X-ray machine but it seems useless because security officers still manually check all passengers with a metal detector + body frisks, from shoulder and arms down to the legs.

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