Friday, January 13, 2012

Indianapolis International Airport, Indiana

I set foot in Indiana, USA for the first time last November 2009; arrived at Indianapolis International Airport November 13, departed November 17. I came from Washington, DC then to attend the Atlas Freedom talks, commemorating the 20th anniversary of the Berlin Wall. My destination in Indiana is Terre Haute, about an hour by car from the airport, to visit a friend, Dr. Leonid Nemenzo and his wife Lyn and son Luis. Leonid is a physician and younger brother of a good friend, Dr. Fidel Nemenzo who is a Math Professor at UP.

The airport that time was new, opened only about a few months earlier, so Leonid nearly got lost going to the airport. Besides, they just moved in from Georgia that time, so he was not too familiar with Indiana.

Another glass-steel structure. It's located in a rather remote place away from Indianapolis city center. So it has a huge space for the terminals and the runways.

I noticed that there were not too many passengers then. Or maybe I just got used to many Asian airports that are always teeming with so many people and passengers.

I liked this long wall of mirrors, upper right photo. The spacious pick up area for arriving passengers, lower right.

It was getting cold that time in that state. I was very glad when I saw Leonid picking me up at the arrival area. I invented a joke then, I told Leonid, "Wala akong nakitang Indian na polis dito, puro Kano na polis lang", he laughed.

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