Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport, Minnesota

I have been to Minneapolis-St. Paul airport about 4x perhaps since this is another Delta Airlines hub in the US, and I often fly Delta when I go to the US. These photos below I took last November 17, 2009, then May 24, 2010, my last visit to the airport. My flight then was Houston-Atlanta-Minneapolis-Narita-Manila. But our Minneapolis-Narita flight was aborted while the plane was already somewhere near or in Alaska, we flew back. See my stories below, sometime November or December 2009.

The airport is huge, also glass-steel structure. I walked around the various terminals, there are many walkalators and many shops to see.

Some of the exhibits hanging on the ceiling, could be the Wright Brothers when they first flew, I don't remember these. The man bottom right is an airport police of Asian descent, he agreed to his photo taken.

More photos of the aisles and shops.

Various souvenir shops, coffee and food shops, bookstores, etc.

The main entrance perhaps, top photos. Below are the vans and trucks that bring exiting passengers to their respective hotels.

If my flight did not experience a technical problem, I would not have exited this airport and saw some areas of the state outside the airport.

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