Monday, May 28, 2012

Cadiz City, Part 2

Below are photos not from my camera, or more accurately, from my camera phone. These are from our facebook group, "Cadizmycitymyhome". Many of these were posted particularly by Nhenn Satur Tabanda.

Fishing villages in the city proper, in Barangay Banquerohan, others.

The new city port, still not fully used.

Beach resorts in Banquerohan.

Cadiz got talent 2012. Crabs, crabs, crabs....

The following photos from various sources in the web. The dried fish photos particularly from The Sweet Smell of Cadiz City.

Lacawon Beach, a small white beach island west of the city proper. Photos from Everybody's Free in Lacawon Island.

A new resort, photos from Little Jungle, Barangay Cabahug, Cadiz.

I  haven't visited this resort yet. Will see when I go home again this coming December.

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