Thursday, May 17, 2012

UP Sapul

In my undergrad life at the University of the Philippines in the early 80s, I spent my first three semesters in UP Cebu, then I transferred to UP Diliman. I joined three organizations in Diliman campus, the UP Sapul (Samahan sa Pulitika, or Pol. Science Club), the UP ETC (Economics Towards Consciousness), and SURGE (Student  Union for the Realization of Genuine Emancipation).

By now, Sapul (formed in the 50s I think) and ETC (formed in 1979 by older batches) are still there while SURGE is not around anymore.

Some of our photos in UP Sapul in the 80s, we looked funny :-) Upper left, boys standing, from left: Ding de Jesus, Kiko Magno, me, Mil Millora (he died in a car accident in 1986), Gary Auxilian, Nonoy Fajardo, Jim Asuncion.

Top right photos: Jim "Bond" Asuncion and his angels: sister L, Kris Asinas, Percy Sabio, Da Alejandrino (sitting).

And some reunion in the 90s. At one time, I was a gung-ho streaker swimmer, after several bottles of beer. Top right, me, tokayo Nonoy Fajardo, Jim.

And more reunions, mix of late 90s and early 2000s. Upper left, from left: Kiko Magno, me, Ding, Sebastian Stormorken (Lalaine's son) and Abet Sales. Lower left, Boye Quiambao joined us.

These are definitely early 2000s photos.

And more.... I am close to the Sapul guys. Three of them are godparents of my second child, Bien Mary -- Boye Quiambao, Kris Asinas-Cabrera, and Monching Romano. Kiko Magno is also one of our wedding godparents. My wife used to work under him at DLSU. Lalaine attended our wedding in Iloilo City in 2005.

We hold frequent reunions in Sapul, something like twice a year on average. Someone arriving from Canada or Norway or the US, or from Cagayan de Oro, is enough reason to have another reunion and get-together.

I passed by UPD yesterday, the 2nd floor of Palma Hall Annex (PHAN) building used to be our "tambayan" or hang out place in the 80s. The building is still there, but it's newly painted now, and there is a new building attached to it, the new faculty center for faculty members of social sciences.

Will post more photos in the coming weeks...

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