Thursday, May 24, 2012

Lapaz, Iloilo Santacruzan

Here in Lapaz, Iloilo City, with my first daughter, Elle Marie. We arrived here last night at my in-laws' house. Elle would be joining the Santacruzan or mini-fiesta here in Lapaz, in commemoration of its patron, Nuestra Senora de la Paz y Buenviaje.

Most Santacruzan are done in the evening but here, it's good they do it in the morning. Well they invited many young girls to participate and many did come. The girls came in beautiful dresses and gowns.

This morning, her Lola Moyette or "Lola Music" woke her up at 5:30am as the assembly at the church will be at 6:30am. Not used to waking up that early, Elle protested, but we prevailed :-) She grudgingly went to the bathroom still with her eyes closed. Here are the photos at the parade this morning which started around 7:15am.

Elle wore her gown which she used during her 5th bday party at her kinder school last October. Not used to walking in the street on a gown, perhaps she was alienated, she could not smile :-)

There were also teenager ladies in the parade, also in elaborate and beautiful gowns, they represented the various "Miss ____" representing each barangay or village in Lapaz district of this big city.

The parade started and ended at the church. Done in about 40 minutes.

When we got home, her Lolo Leo is waiting. Lolo is very happy that Elle flew from Manila just for this occasion, he butchered one pig from his piggery and prepared many food, invited his officemates at the Office of Civil Defense, and other friends. Lots of food.

Tomorrow Elle and I will go to Bacolod, then to my hometown, Cadiz City. My parents are old and weak, my father just got out of the hospital while my mother complains that she's in pain for a long time now. She has Alzheimers' and has kidney problems.

After posting this, I will join Papa Leo and his friends to a few bottles of beer outside.

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