Monday, May 28, 2012

Chicago, USA

My 2nd and last visit to Chicago was middle of May 2010 when I attended the 4th International Conference on Climate Change (4th ICCC) sponsored by the Heartland Institute. Heartland gave me a travel scholarship because our think tank was one of the international co-sponsors of the event.

My first visit to Chicago was April 2004, when I attended the Atlas Liberty Forum, sponsored by the Atlas Economic Research Foundation. I was an international fellow of Atlas then for a month, visited many conferences and meetings in Michigan, Chicago, Virginia and Washington DC.

I did not post these photos before because I was swamped how to put so many photos in one posting. Now I found a way by combining four photos in one plate, problem solved.

Although it was my second visit to Chicago, I was still amazed at the city's huge and tall towers.

Some old buildings remain magnificent looking though.

A stroll at the Chicago River Walk. The river is sandwiched by huge skyscrapers, the water is clean.

Neat structures overlooking the river. Should be relaxing to look out the windows of those buildings.

The Trump Tower, Chicago's and perhaps the US' tallest building. As of October 2009, it was the 6th tallest building in the world.

A huge rainbow logo of McDo. And a huge electric guitar of Hard Rock Cafe. Yeah, rock n roll!

Assorted photos 1: A river taxi, inside a mall, the Rock & Roll shop.

Assorted photos 2: A tunnel, inside McDo.

Assorted photos 3: An Apple shop. Intro price of IPad then was $500, and was about $1,000+ peso equivalent in Manila at that time. A bus, possibly on a clean natural gas.

Assorted photos 4: Michigan Avenue at night. This is about one block from my hotel, Marriott Magnificent Mile Hotel.

I took these photos on my last night there. The next day I checked out of the hotel and went to Detroit to visit a Filipino friend who hosted me for two days there.

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