Sunday, June 03, 2012

Bus Terminals: Mabalacat, Cebu South

These are old photos, sometime in 2009-2010. Just hiding in my computer albums, need to bring them out.

Dau Mabalact bus terminal, Pampanga. This is the biggest centralized (by the local government) bus terminal in central and northern Luzon. The city government of Mabalacat earns huge money from this terminal. P80 per bus (I don't know if they already raised it or not yet) per entry, and there is probably one bus entering every 30 to 45 seconds.

The city government also collects a lot from the shop/stall rentals, plenty of them. For the toilet, the terminal charges P5 per person, and the toilet is not even clean.

Below, upper photos were from Ali Mall, Cubao terminal, on a Holy Week 2009. Lots of buses going to Bicol, Samar-Leyte, down to Mindanao. Or going to Mindoro, down to Panay island (Aklan, Capiz, Antique, Iloilo provinces). I think the bus terminal in Cubao has moved to another place.

Lower photos, the Ceby south-bound terminal. The city government also collects a lot -- each passenger, each car or taxi enterring, each bus going out -- pay to the terminal. I would say that this is a huge racket by the Cebu City government for charging passengers for entering the premises a "terminal fee". Of course they also earn from the rental of shops and bus lines inside the terminal.

Have not travelled by bus in far provinces recently.


Leslee said...

i hope bus terminals will improve esp its cleanliness and security..


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