Sunday, June 03, 2012

San Francisco International Airport, California

I have visited San Francisco, California twice, in April 2008 then in May 2009. In the former, I came from Atlanta, Georgia to attend the Atlas Liberty Forum; in the latter, I came from Los Angeles, also for an Atlas conference. My two trips here were just short side trips before flying back to Manila. I was hosted by several Filipino friends there.

These 4 photos are from wiki,

All photos below I took on May 02, 2009, on my flight back to Manila via Korean Air (SF-Incheon-Manila). I just took the train, the Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) to the airport, it was easy, cheap and convenient. It's a huge glass-steel structure.

Upper left photo is the entrance to the airport from the train station. Below it, I liked those lighted protrusions at the airlines check in area. There seemed to be not too many passengers on that day at the airport.

Some of the shops and artwork at the airport. Bottom right is not an artwork, it's a passenger who probably came too early for his flight. The carpet is soft enough for the back.

I am thankful to friends who hosted me there. Monchit Arellano in San Ramon, and Cris Asinas-Cabrera in Rocklin-Sacramento.

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