Sunday, June 17, 2012

Divisoria, Manila

I took these photos only last Sunday, June 10, 2012. Divisoria is always full of people, seven days a week, whole year round, with thousands of sellers, buyers and plain curious visitors These are still "lean" crowd as (a) it was a Sunday afternoon and (b) there was a Pacquiao-Bradley fight.

Below, upper photos, taken from the 6th floor parking of the newest (and only high-end) mall in Divisoria, the China Luckytown Mall. Upper right photo I think, is the extended 168 Mall.

Lower photos, well not in Divisoria, but in neighboring Quiapo, a faith healer. I asked her what kind of diseases she can cure, she replied "All -- diabetis, cancer, tumor, headache,..."

Below, the creek winding around Divisoria. It's very dirty, coming from various solid waste that, although generally collected, there are still many left over wastes that are simply thrown or draining into this creek.

Below, no longer the creek of Divisoria. This is part of Pasig River draining into Manila Bay, not far from Divisoria. 

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