Friday, September 07, 2012

Trees in our Farm, Bugallon, Pangasinan

I visited the farm last week, August 31, 2012. I think the "representative" photo of the farm will be this -- a treehouse perched on a big and live mahogany tree, is itself surrounded by many big trees, and a small rice field in the front.

This is part of the "public road" passing by our farm. That road going up is generally abused with deforestation and various forms of illegal logging by the local folks themselves who live in the barrio. Only the portion in our farm that the trees are allowed to grow tall and big. The thieves respect the "private property" aspect, so long as there are people watching the property regularly.

Another view of my treehouse, the rice field, and many trees around it.  If our caretakers do not visit the farm daily, plus our dogs who accompany them and stay in my treehouse at night, thieves and illegal loggers will simply chop these trees for their own interests.

Several panoramic view of the trees. 

Another side of the farm, not far from my treehouse. The young trees, they multiply like grasses once the mature and bigger ones have started bearing seeds. The seeds are spread anywhere the wind will blow them.  

My treehouse, back view. And the trees beside it....

A portion of our mango orchard. Not too many trees. Strong typhoons would rip apart some of them, or uproot them. Below it, more trees near my treehouse.

I feel "recharged" whenever I visit the farm. I used to do it every two to three weeks before. In recent years until now, I can only afford to visit it once a month, or sometimes, once every two months. Have many household errands and activities on weekends with my family.

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