Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Haevichi Hotel & Resort, The Interiors

This sprawling hotel and resort has wide open space, wide alleys, and wide, big guest rooms.

This is my room. It has a complete kitchen facilities – stove, cooking pans, plates, knives, spoon and fork, cups, etc. They are all inside those cabinets. So if people want to cook their own food, they can buy raw food in nearby shops outside the resort, walking distance, and cook inside their guest room.

 The dinning table, which became my work area. There is wifi everywhere in the hotel – guest rooms, lobby, meeting rooms, grand ballroom.

I think all guest rooms have 2 or more bedrooms. This is my bed, with own toilet inside, own air-con, but no tv.

TV room, playroom. Inside the cabinets on the right are many pillows, blankets and bed sheets. So one can lay them down and watch tv or play in this area. One can also watch tv from the sofa, beside the dinning table.

The high tech toilet bowl, yes, this is what I always look forward to when I stay in a Korean or Japanese hotel. The seat bowl itself is heated, and see the various buttons on the left – just push any of them to choose washing your behind: warm water, room temp water, moving sprinkler, warm air to dry your behind, really cool. This same toilet bowl is also present in the toilet inside the bedroom.

The bathroom with two showers but no bath tub. Nice and cool. I like the warm water of course, it was still cold in Korea last month. 

They do not give complimentary toothbrush, toothpaste and shave for men though, only a liquid soap and shampoo.

The buffet breakfast restaurant of the Resort wing. Nice food. The cakes, cookies, other food on display though, are not part of the breakfast, for sale separately.

We also took our buffet lunch here for two days.

The other restaurant near the hotel lobby.

The center of the hotel building. A big, wide space for big events. The roof has natural light from the Sun.

The elevator to the upper floors of the hotel building. I have actually not gone up the hotel building, I just looked from the ground floor.

An indoor garden and green space.

Beautiful hotel indeed. Though it's not a cheap place. Thanks again to Economic Freedom Network (EFN) Asia for bringing us to the Jeju Forum for Peace and Prosperity 2012 Conference.

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