Saturday, April 05, 2014

Bien Mary's Moving Up Day, March 2014

Bien Mary moved up from Nursery 1 of Kids Play Lab School, the "graduation" ceremony was held last March 22, 2014, Saturday at St. Paul complex, not far from our house. A photo from their souvenir yearbook. This was taken January or February this year.

From nursery 1, nursery 2, kinder 1 and kinder 2, combined during a group singing and dance.

The nursery 1, morning and afternoon classes, performed their own presentation..

From left: Issa, Bien, Alysson, Teacher Kyla, Julia.

Bien is close to Alysson, below. Also to Issa.

Elle Marie came from her own swimming class "graduation" swim and party, then I brought her to Bien's event.

When almost everyone has a camera... Parents, grandparents, older siblings, titos/titas, yayas...

They were practicing their dance and song for several days. At the roofdeck of YMCA Makati, two days before the event.

Bien is eager to attend her Nursery 2 classes this coming June.

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