Thursday, April 24, 2014

Majayjay Waterfalls, Laguna, 1994

Majayjay waterfalls is in a barrio between Lucban, Quezon and Majayjay, Laguna  town proper. I went there with some friends from Congress Mountaineers (CM) then, around March or April 1994 or 20 years ago.  In our group then were Philip Baguisa, Toto Gestuveo (RIP), Kosha Ancheta, Malou Acosta, Sherwin and Along, Malou's buddies.

This waterfalls is among several rivers on the foot of Mt. Banahaw, a huge and tall mountain surrounded by several municipalities of Laguna and Quezon provinces. The water was very cold and water volume was strong, I don't know now.

At that time, it was difficult to go there. Only mountaineers with sufficient camping equipment would go there and stay overnight; it was also accessible only by foot, or by horses. We walked for about one or two hours, I don't remember, from the barangay road between Majayjay and Lucban.

I was very thin and lean then. I think I could demonstrate my 6-packs in my tummy then. Cycling around 100 kms. a week + running and some weights training about 2-3 times a week + mountaineering about once a month. I was working at CPBO at the House of Representatives then, 1991-1999.

We males were gulping some hard drinks to help stay warm as the water and wind was getting colder in the afternoon.  

We saw some local kids jumping from the top and nothing happened to them on the water. Meaning there were no big rocks where the water falls, and the water was deep.

Wanting to prove that I could conquer my fear at such height, I also tjumped! Once or twice that day, I don't remember. It's good that the camera was fast enough to capture a falling body with modest resolution.

I was very ecstatic of course after surfacing from the water. I conquered my fear and nothing bad happened to me. :-)

Going back to Manila, waiting for a jeepney to Majayjay town proper.

Those were the days. I still meet some friends in CM until today. Our last climb was in Mt. Pulag, January of this year.

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