Saturday, September 13, 2014

Uly Veloso's Sculpture

Last July 26, 2014, I attended an arts exhibit -- paintings, sculpture, artistic lights -- in a building at the FTI Complex in Taguig, Metro Manila. A good  friend since the early 90s, Uly Veloso, was one of the exhibitors, showing his recent metal sculptures.

Uly's spacecrafts. Space shuttle Discovery in the front, two "Tora Tora" (WW2 Jap war planes) at the back. Stainless steel on granite base. Discovery is 36 x 86 x 36 cm while Tora Tora is 36x 74 x 36 cm. 

He is using this metal that cannot be bent, so hard, yet there are curves in these planes. How did he do it? A different  kind of delicate, complicated and time-consuming welding process so that the various pieces are attached to other pieces as if they were one piece of metal. Fantastic.

From a spacecraft and planes to the outer space. Constellation Ursa Major or the "Big Dipper". Stainless steel on granite base with glass beads. Again, these are delicately welded and the rounded joints in the middle of those short metal sticks represent the huge stars or formation of stars in the galaxy.

Constellation Leo, Stainless steel on granite base with glass beads. This granite is hard and will not easily break.

Constellation Aries. I took this photo of the sculpture in between  those two nice paintings on the wall.

Back to Earth. Uly's trees.

This one is cool. "Infinite narratives from a Bonfire". Ala UP bonfire after UP Men's basketball team won one game after two years of straight losses at the UAAP. 

44 x 30 x 27 cm.

painted stainless steel 

Below, the artist on the left, and our common friend from UP, Jun Realica in the middle.

Uly and our friend in Congress Mountaineers, Kristin Paredes.

We are the gliding airplanes :-)

Not Uly's work, another artist's work. I like them, cool.

Lots of food and beer that afternoon. Thanks again Uly for that invite. My art-barbarian mind is imbibing the beauty of arts through friends and my daughters.

Those pieces are for sale. I think many of them are still available. If interested, the artist can be reached at

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