Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Elle Marie and Bien Mary are Turning 8 and 4 Years Old

Elle Marie will turn 8 years old tomorrow while Bien Mary will turn 4 years old this coming Saturday, November 4. Time has wings. All these photos I got from the fb album of my wife.

Here, taken last Saturday at the Maharlika Artists and Writers Federation (MAWF) gathering in Intramuros, Manila. My wife was invited, she tagged us along on our way home from Divisoria.

Another view, same event. Venue was The Collectibles building I think, 3rd floor. This is just behind the Manila Cathedral.

In one of the regular outings of the mother-daughters. Usually when it's malling, I don't join them. Am too lazy to visit the malls until now. 

Elle Marie at one year old, seven years ago. She enjoyed bubbles then. Until now actually, though not as passionately as before.

I would jokingly tell Elle that she should grow fast so that when she's big,  she can drive me someday as I am getting older. Will become a senior citizen less than a decade form now. :-)

Below, a charming, pretty and tall Elle. She's slightly above my nipple already.

Taken last Friday at a nice bakeshop in our barangay in Makati.
While they both like sweet food, sometimes they are choosy. To balance such unhealthy appetite for sweet food, I feed them banana  often. They like banana. Sometimes mangoes (but mangoes now are expensive) or orange.

And this is Bien Mary now....
She sees herself as a fashion model or ballerina, or a singer ("Let it go, let it go...")

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