Saturday, September 06, 2014

A problematic friend...

A friend has a rocky marriage for several years now. He and wife have discussed separation several times in the past, but they have small kids, their priority was staying with the kids.

My friend says the wife has a machinegun mouth and can be violent sometimes, punched him a few times in the past. His cell phone also contains many angry notes from her, but wife would creep and get his cp, deleted many of such angry, angstful and seemingly paranoid text messages.

He started saving those text messages, but only the recent ones because the older angstful SMS have been deleted already. He emailed this to me and asked to put this online as he does not have a blog, for his reference someday.

2014 text messages by the wife:

Nasaan na ang mga anak ko?  (Aug. 2, 4:43pm)
(anak nya lang daw, di anak ng tatay)

Wag ka na bumalik ng bahay… (Aug. 25, 6:56pm)
(walang helper, walang driver, hindi marunong mag drive, sino kaya maghatid-sundo sa mga bata sa school? Magbantay sa bata habang sya ay nasa work or meeting with her friends?)

Umuwi ka na!!!!! (Aug. 26, 10:18am)
Umuwi ka na at late na ako!!!!!! Wag mo na ako alitin at funder konka mtg ko!!!!! (Aug. 26. 10:27am)
(too many exclamation marks, reflects how loud the shouting and screaming if face to face)

Ngawngaw ng ngawngaw e ikaw? Hangin! Kayabangan (Sept. 2, 8:53pm)

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