Saturday, September 13, 2014

TSAA's Family Day

Two Fridays ago, September 5, The School for Academics and Arts (TSAA) held its first Family Day this school year. Venue was the Makati Coliseum, not far from the school in Davila St., Makati City. I was not there as I attended a round table discussion by Citizen Watch at UP Diliman.

My wife and our younger daughter, Bien Mary, accompanied Elle Marie (Grade 3) at the event. The grade schoolers showing their Filipiniana dance number. They also performed a musical number using  bamboos and other local materials.

The kinder schoolers showing their talent too.

Co-parent Mike Luis, lead singer of a famous local band, Free Style, singing a song. His son joined him.

The games, funny.

Another game. The kids and parents were having a great time.

Fathers and their kids. I really miss that...

Other parents. Gilbert Maramara (rightmost) and Dean Gioia (beside him) are my usual chatmates whenever we see each  other at the school picking up our kids. And Noel Sandicon too, not in this photo.

Elle Marie, Bien Mary, Elle's two classmates.

All photos above from Dean, Dee Oh and my wife's facebook pics.
Good job TSAA. I honestly miss that event.

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