Monday, August 22, 2011

Bacolod-Silay Airport

I am from Cadiz City, Negros Occidental, in central Philippines. I was born there, took my elementary and high school there. My parents and two siblings are still there, so I still go back to my province at least once a year. Bacolod City is the provincial capital.

It is good that a new and modern airport has been constructed. It's the typical glass and steel structure, though at a smaller scale compared to many big international airports in Asia and other countries. The old airport is literally really old and it was small. The new airport is also nearer to Cadiz but far from Bacolod. It's not in Bacolod actually, it's in Silay City, about 15 kms. away from Bacolod City proper.

Check in area. Airlines going there are PAL, Cebu Pacific, and Air Philippines. They have a combined flight of probably 18 to 20 a day coming from Manila alone. There are also flights to and from Cebu City. Not sure if there are flights now going to Davao.

Departure lounge. Negros Occidental is a big province in population size. Close to 2 million people now I think. So the volume of passengers is really big.

I hope that this airport will soon have limited international flights, say Bacolod-HK, Singapore, Seoul. There are many Koreans in Bacolod now. Then it is time to construct another terminal. The place is surrounded by sugarcane plantations. Thus, it's easier to acquire new lands for the buildings and a longer runway.

Mr. Silay and Mt. Kanlaon are clearly seen at the airport. These are big mountains. Kanlaon is an active volcano, but not as active as Mayon or Taal.

I just hope that ugly politics in the province and its cities will be minimized and hence, the corruption associated with such practices. I wish to see my province -- and all other provinces in the country -- to develop economically.

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