Saturday, August 27, 2011

UPSE Reunion, September 3, 2011, UP Diliman

Hey fellow alumni of the UP School of Economics -- undergrad, MA, PhD, PDE -- let's meet again this coming Saturday, September 3, 4pm at the SE auditorium, UP Diliman. Each reunion is hosted by the graduates of the school 25 years ago. So for this year, it will be batch 86 (ie, they graduated in 1986) that is the main host.

The theme of the reunion is "Rebel Yellow". Why? My guess is that it was in 1986 that Marcos was toppled after 20 years in power (1965 to 1985) during the first Edsa People Power Revolution. Yellow, the symbolic color of the peaceful uprising. Yeah, the 1986 graduates, cool!

I have a number of friends from Batch 86 -- like Mino Encarnacion (then UPSE Student Council chairman), Jojo Chan, Camille Sevilla. Mino is now based in Singapore, Jojo in NJ-NYC, Camille in Manila. She's the chief of staff of Sen. Miriam Defensor-Santiago. I hope to see the 3 of them next week.

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