Monday, March 26, 2018

Rembrandt Hotel Bangkok, December 2017

December 8-10, 2017, I stayed at Rembrandt Hotel Bangkok, Thailand, to attend the World Taxpayers Association (WTA) regional meeting in Asia, December 9-10. This photo I got from the web, the rest are from my phone camera.

View of the hotel from the pool area, 4th floor.

My room, wide and comfortable bed. I was wondering, should I work and write or sleep in deep comfort?

My work area, next to a wall-mounted tv. Internet is fast and complimentary.

My bathroom. Frolicked in warm water bath at the tub, saraaaap.

View from my room, 15th floor. The MRT station is not far but cannot be seen here, covered by other buildings.

Buffet breakfast resto. I took my meals early, 6+ am. By 9 am, meeting starts and shortly after, the morning snacks would be served.

I munched lots of fruits at breakfast. Thailand is an agriculture powerhouse, huge wide agri area, little typhoons, mechanized agri, so food is mass-produced and cheaper.

Swimming pool at the 4th flr. But I did not bring my swimming trunks.

I enjoyed my stay in this hotel. Thanks WTA for the hotel accommodation.

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