Monday, November 03, 2014

Harbour Grand Hong Kong, Part 3

This is my second stay in this hotel. Last year, I stayed here for two days during a Reading Club Salon 2013  sponsored by the Lion Rock Institute (LRI). This year, I will stay here for 6D/5N starting today. I will attend three different seminars/conference, tomorrow until Friday, same hotel.

My room, nice and big. I should stay in an ordinary room for one person but my family will join me tomorrow. 

My working table on the right is long, nice. I must read two hard-copy books plus several reports and an e-book, related to the two seminar-worskhop in the next two days.

The bathroom with glass divider. I like this set up.

Seen from my room in the 15th floor. The IFC and other buildings on HK island, and Victoria Harbour. It was cloudy when I arrived today. When our plane landed at HK airport past 10am, the pilot said outside temperature was 21 C. Cold compared to Manila of course. It should be around 28-29 C in Manila around that time.

The swimming pool on the 3rd floor, seen from my room.

Last year, this was my room. Huge bed and a lean work table.

Ok, back to work. Have many papers to read and blog later.

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