Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Harbour Grand Hong Kong, Part 2

Next week, I will stay in this hotel for six days and five nights to attend three different events sponsored by three different independent, network organizations. I stayed in this hotel for 2 nights last year during the  Reading Club Salon 2013  sponsored by the Lion Rock Institute (LRI).

It is a five star hotel and its main attraction is that it is facing Victoria Harbour, but inside, it has many beautiful facilities. Below, elevator area near the lobby. That's our friend Barun Mitra from Delhi, India in the photo.

The famous long and spacious swimming pool facing the  Harbour. It's on the 3rd floor, adjacent to the main restaurant.

Buffet breakfast resto. Lots of food to  choose.

Our friend, Feng Xingyuan from Beijing, China.

I like this  chandelier outside this big resto.

The hallway leading to my room. I  don't remember which floor I stayed but it is overlooking the  Harbour.

 Some of the skyscrapers in Hong Kong island and part of Vicctoria Harbour, as seen from the resto.

Our cocktails after the Reading Club Salon last year. Lots of food already. Then we have dinner with lots of food again.

Then LRI capped the night with a wine and  cheese party at the Harbour Club, on the penthouse of the hotel, 30+ floor.

Thanks again LRI for the opportunity to see and stay in this hotel last year.

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zerry ht said...

Oh my goodness, this hotel is so grand and beautiful. Can I book this place for my anniversary party? Actually I was looking for party halls in Bay area and here I got this useful post. Can you please tell me the procedure to book this place?